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TransConnect is a program to allow you almost complete access to the internet through a HTTP proxy like squid.
Status: Stable Latest: v1.2 Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS/Solaris
The concept of Transconnect originated during a chat session with a friend. We knew that HTTP proxies support CONNECT feature to allow for https connections to remote hosts. There are programs which allow you to tunnel through a proxy, but we thought it would be wonderful if the user did not have to setup a tunnel for each host:port he wants to connect to.

After a bit of digging around, stumbling on wierd ideas I finally came to know about function interposing. It allows you to intercept the library calls and do whatever before calling the actual function.

I developed on the idea and transconnect is the result of that.

The code has been released under GPL. If you have any bugreports or feature requests (or criticism), my address is there at the end.

Enjoy Life...

CREDITS(In time Order)

  • Raja Subramanian for pointing me to the imposter method.
  • Greg Nakhimovsky for writing this wonderful article about interposing.
  • Jared D. McNeill for working with me to make it work on NetBSD.
  • Many others See the Changelog for Credits

Dwivedi, Ajay kumar <adwiv AT yahoo DOT com>
Binand Raj S. <binand AT>

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